Tiny Theme is developed by Matt Langford for use with the Micro.blog platform. It is designed to be as fast as possible while still supporting all features of the platform and popular plugins. This site is a full working demo.

Main Features

  • Fastest theme available
  • Fully responsive on all device sizes without scripts or media queries for main functionality
  • No externally loaded resources
  • CSS variables for easy color scheme modifications
  • Microhooks for more advanced layout modifications
  • Works with first party micro.blog features such as footer content, custom CSS, etc
  • Custom styling for the Micro.blog Newsletter feature
  • Works flawlessly with popular plugins such as Conversation on Micro.blog, Reply by Email, etc.
  • Adaptive photo layouts for albums
  • Full support for comments
  • Much More

Traffic and Reach

Since March of 2024, The Tiny Theme Development site has received views in the following countries:

Tiny Theme offers full support for Tinylytics, a privacy focused website analytics service that provides the statistics above. Get 20% off by using the code TINYTHEMEMB.