A reverse chronological list of updates and details of Tiny Theme for Micro.blog.

Version 2.8.4

  • New typographical element (callouts)
  • Improved styling for Tinylytics Flags
  • Improved styling for FontAwesome icons in footer
  • Updated typographic documentation page

Version 2.8.3

  • Added microhook for displaying content above the comments
  • Fixed CSS bug with comments that contain images
  • Deprecated version.txt (used for troubleshooting)

Version 2.8.2

  • Added microhook for category page descriptions
  • Removed link in head to humans.txt
  • Reconfigured humans.txt
  • Fixed typos in microhooks documentation

Version 2.8.1

  • Fixed a bug that surfaced when using footnotes above a read more tag

Version 2.8

  • Added Full Support for Font Awesome

Version 2.7.13

  • Improved support for Micro.blog uploaded videos

Version 2.7.12

  • Added microhook for adding links before navigation
  • Added microhook for adding links after navigation
  • Reformatted microhooks documentation page

Version 2.7.11

  • Full support for Micro.blog’s new audio narration feature

Version 2.7.10

  • Full support for Micro.blog’s new reply box

Version 2.7.9

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.7.8

  • Adaptive Photo Layout Added

Version 2.7.7

  • Added styling for asides
  • Added styling for alerts
  • Modified styling for notes
  • Modified styling for blockquotes
  • Added color variables for asides, alerts, notes, and blockquotes

Version 2.7.6

  • Added microhook for category pages

Version 2.7.5

  • Title tag improvements

Version 2.7.4

  • Removed legacy bluesky code

Version 2.7.3

  • Added below wrapper microhook
  • Tweaked documentation

Version 2.7.2

  • Styling support for <cite></cite> tags within a blockquote

Version 2.7.1

  • Changes to more tag handling expanded to include Category Pages

Version 2.7

  • Changes to more tag handling
  • Removed Support for deprecated Summary Posts plugin
  • Slight tweak to comment spacing
  • Improved microformats classes

Version 2.6.3

  • Improved paragraph note class styling

Version 2.6.2

  • Added custom blogroll styling

Version 2.6.1

  • Added microhook-below-post-in-list.html
  • Updated Site Credits

Version 2.6

  • Archive Pages reformatted to match other pages
  • Category Pages reformatted to match other pages
  • Old pagination code removed and cache busted
  • Added microhook-before-post.html
  • Added microhook-before-page-content.html
  • Added microhook-before-replies.html
  • Added microhook-after-replies.html
  • Added public changelog